De La Hoya vs McGregor?!

Oscar De La Hoya branded the super-fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor a ‘disgrace’… now he wants to fight McGregor?Lets start from the beginning.

The main man at Golden Boy Promotions, Oscar De la Hoya, the ex world-champion, put out the tweet shown below. Saying the fight between the pair is disrespecting the sport of boxing and then promotes the fight between Golovkin and Canelo. This was not accepted well by the public as they saw De La Hoya as a jealous man who was not respecting the fight as a money making event which it was. This put Oscar in a negative light…

Now he has completely contradicted himself. He did not say the fight was a disgrace because Floyd was in the fight… he fought Floyd himself. It is was because McGregor is coming over from UFC. Now he has completely gone back on himself saying he would beat McGregor in two rounds and has been secretly training. Oscar said he would come out of retirement, which he has been in for 10 years to fight the UFC star. Oscar De La Hoya has clearly realised he might be able to make some money here. He has seen that starting beef with McGregor will gain him more attention and so he has said he will fight him. I doubt this fight will happen but hey, that’s what 90% of people said about Floyd vs Conor. De La Hoya has lost a lot of respect from people first of all when he sent that tweet about the May Mac fight and then now he has lost the respect of the people who supported him when he published the tweet as he has gone back on his words. If this fight did happen I think Conor would beat Oscar. Despite him being an ex world champion, this was 10 years ago and despite what he says about him being in the best shape I doubt he could handle Conor after what he learnt from the Floyd fight.


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