Deontay went HUNTING!! Wilder knocks out Stiverne in the rematch!

Deontay Wilder certainly made a statement to the heavyweight division on Saturday night. He faced Bermane Stiverne in the rematch at the Barclays Centre, Brooklyn. Wilder vs Stiverne 2 was a chance for Wilder to try and make a statement to the heavyweight division.

Wilder vs Stiverne 1 wasn’t finished as quick as the bout on Saturday, it went the full distance. Wilder won by unanimous decision. The fight on Saturday was a completely different story. From the first bell, Wilder threw some real powerful shots and they connected. He knocked down Stiverne with around 30 seconds left in the first round. Then once StiverneĀ got back up, after staring him down with his hands by his side, Wilder threw a barrage of what looked like angry punches to knock Stiverne down once again. Stiverne got back up once again but Wilder was there straight away and knocked Stiverne out with under 10 seconds left in the round. Wilder had to be wrestled off of Stiverne by the ref as he continued to be aggressive and throw shots even when Stiverne was on the ground in a very awkward position.

Wilder, of course, called out Anthony Joshua after the fight asking ‘are you up for the test?’. Before this fight, I wasn’t so convinced on Wilders ability in the ring if he was a deserved world champion… After that performance on Saturday, I think he could put up a good fight against Joshua. He showed he has a great jab which is very quick and powerful and that he can throw some real bombs. Whether he is better than Joshua I’m not sure but the fight between the pair for sure would be a great fight for 2018. It sounds more and more likely that it might happen in the summer of 2018. I really hope this fight happens as it will be two of the best heavyweight fighting to unify all but one of the belts.

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