HAYE OUT!!! WHYTE VS BELLEW? – David Haye Injured

David Haye Injured! David Haye was set to fight Tony Bellew on the 17th of December in a huge rematch after Bellew pulled off a huge upset in the last fight. This fight has been postponed due to Haye obtaining an injury during training. Haye was doing stairs training which he said he had done a lot before when he fell and as he fell he grabbed onto a bar next to him and ripped his bicep. He has had to have surgery and he said he should be back in the gym starting to rebuild strength in a couple of weeks. The fight has been postponed until 2018 and most likely a March or May date.

So who could Bellew fight? Bellew has been training of course to fight Haye and would be ready for a fight and people have bought tickets etc. So Bellew could fight somebody else. Tyson Fury called out Tony Bellew saying he would fight Bellew on May 5th but this doesn’t solve the issue of a fight on December 17th.

Dillian Whyte said on social media he would fight Bellew on December 17th without a full training camp and show him up. I think this fight would make sense as it would make decent money and would mean all of Bellew’s training and hard work isn’t wasted due to Haye getting injured. Dillian Whyte is a tough competitor and he would be a real test for Bellew. I’m not expected Bellew to come out and just straight away chin Whyte as he is a natural cruiserweight and so he’s not as powerful as the natural heavyweights. I think Bellew may win the fight if it goes to a decision, but I think Whyte is more likely to KO Bellew as he has knockout power. I think Whyte is the best option for Bellew as it makes them both a decent amount of money and gives them both a fight to keep them active.

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