HYPOCRITE? – Deontay Wilder questioning Joshua’s previous opponents

Is Deontay Wilder being a hypocrite when he judges Anthony Joshua or is his predictions well founded and supported?

Firstly Wilder says he will KO Joshua and will be the first to put an L on Joshua’s record. Other than Klitschko Joshua hasn’t really fought anyone well known or respected on a world-class level. Of course, Wilder has said that Joshua will be defeated and that he is the best heavyweight but has he proved this? Is he saying to Joshua was some think about Wilder himself?

Deontay Wilder has had 39 professional fights, all of which he has won, and 38 were by way of knockout. For sure Wilder is a good fighter an can fight, but is he a world class boxer or is he is talking more than he should be. Of his 39 fights, Wilder hasn’t fought that many recognised fighters. He has fought the likes of Stiverne and Gerald Washington but are they world class. Wilder shouldn’t really┬ábe questioning the ability of others when he has fought the people he has fought.

Joshua has fought Klitschko who is one of the best heavyweights ever but he hasn’t fought anyone who is world class just as Wilder hasn’t. Wilder vs Joshua for sure would be one of the best heavyweight bouts of 2018 but who wins it? Wilder is a good fighter, his ability has been questioned by a lot of people but so has Joshua’s recently. After his most recent bout with Carlos Takam is he really good enough to beat a fellow world champion.

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