Tony Bellew vs David Haye OFF! Who could the ‘Bomber’ face next?

Tony Bellew vs David Haye on December 18th is OFF. Earlier this week it was announced that the huge rematch between the pair has been postponed due to Haye becoming injured. Haye was training, running up and down stairs which he says he has done many times before when he fell. He grabbed onto the bar next to him to try to stop his fall and tore his bicep. He had to have surgery and is now back in recovery and trying to get back fit for a fight in 2018.

So is Bellew going to fight on December 18th and if yes or no then who will he fight next? Eddie Hearn has said that Bellew won’t be fighting on December 18th as he has been going through some personal issues and so fighting someone who isn’t going to earn him as much as Haye wouldn’t be worth it. So when will he return and who will he fight?

The Haye rematch is still very likely to go ahead and will probably be either on March 24th or May 5th. I hope this fight happens because after the first fight and the result, I look forward to seeing how the next fight plays out and it will be a big event.

Another option if the Haye rematch doesn’t happen or a possible fight after the rematch is Tyson Fury. Both of them are said to want the fight. Fury’s return is expected to be in 2018 and a fight against Bellew would bring in a lot of PPV buys and would be a good tone up fight for Tyson to see if he still has it in him to be world champion. If Fury can’t get past Bellew then it is very unlikely he would be able to beat the likes of Joshua or Wilder.

Bellew could also face Dillian Whyte. Whyte called out Bellew on social media saying he could beat Bellew without a full camp in December. I doubt this fight will happen as Bellew has said he is only here to make money for his family and the fight with Whyte will bring in a decent paycheck but there are better options. Dillian Whyte would be a tough test for Bellew and I would be interested in seeing who wins this fight.

The final option is Joseph Parker. Parker is the current WBO heavyweight champ and would be a good fight for Bellew. It is a heavyweight title shot and would be a good fight for both men. I think Parker would win as he is a sturdy unit and Bellew doesn’t have the one-punch knockout power as he is naturally a cruiserweight. This fight would be good for 2018 but Parker also has better options available and so I doubt this fight will happen as both fighters could take a bigger fight with someone else.

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